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Vender Highlight: Chupper Time Catering
Posted by: Sarah Lawen Smith Jun 01, 2024

You want the best for your guests, and they say the best food is made with love, so why settle for anything less than a catering team that truly loves what they do? 

Chupper Time Catering is a Huntsville based company run by husband-wife duo Brandon and Casey Crosby. Chef Brandon earned his degree in culinary arts at Faulkner State University, after which he trained in Cajun and creole cooking under Chef Gerhard Brill. Brandon’s skill and passion for cooking have earned him an impressive resume, from working as a touring chef for musicians like Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line to appearing on Food Network’s “Cooks vs. Cons.” Where Brandon is the brawn of the operation, Casey compliments him as the brain. As the owner, CEO, Director of Talent, and Sales & Marketing head of Chupper Time, Casey wears a lot of hats (and rocks every one). Casey is energetic, gregarious, and attentive to every detail. Together, Brandon and Casey make up a catering dream team, combining their passion for food and love for people to create the perfect culinary experience.

With Chupper Time Catering, you never have to worry about where the food you are eating came from. The Crosbys pride themselves in using the freshest local ingredients from sources like Short Creek Homestead and Reeves Peach Farm to create their delicious seasonal menus, and they love their relationship with a local baker, Jamie with Dough My Goodness. Chupper Time offers personalized menus catered to your event, but no matter the style of menu or the type of event, you can rest assured that your food will be seasonal, colorful, delicious, and delightfully fresh. 

For the Crosbys, a successful event is defined not just by a satisfied guest, but by a guest who can eat food that is as beautiful as it is delicious and truly say it is the best food they have ever eaten. To achieve this, the Cosbys pay attention to every detail from start to finish, planning elevated menus, preparing and assembling incredibly tasting food, setting exquisite food displays, and providing exceptional customer service. What begins as a clean dish, ends as a plate of food that looks, smells, and tastes incredible. The Cosbys love when their clients trust them to put together the perfect menu, and they love even more when they see the excited look on their face when everything is complete. When clients and guests see the elaborate, elevated displays of petite, creative, and exquisite foods, they know it is Chupper Time.

Chupper Time Catering offers a variety of services, including catering to weddings and private events, as well as in-flight catering for private jets and other business aviation. No event is too big or too small for this talented duo. They are happy to serve you, whether it is your birthday party with your closest friends or your wedding reception with 300 guests. On top of traditional catering Chupper Time also offers private chef experiences that can be catered to your needs, including private cooking classes for up to 10 guests. 

To learn more about Brandon, Casey, and Chupper Time Catering, head over to their website,, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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