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Valentine’s Banquet Style Ideas that Go Beyond Hearts and Roses
Posted by: Sarah Lawen Smith Feb 10, 2024

A Valentine’s Day banquet is a wonderful way to commemorate the season of love, celebrating all the budding romances and steady partnerships in life. However, when planning one, it’s easy to get caught up in the cliché. Love hearts, roses, everything in red and pink . . . These things are fine if you want to stick with the classics, but if you, like us, are wanting a style that is a little more unique, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to let our banquet style ideas inspire your next Valentine’s Day banquet.

Set the Mood with a Gothic Style

Romance isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. If Morticia and Gomez Adams are any example, sometimes it’s deeper, moodier, and more dramatic. Reflect these deeper feelings with a gothic inspired banquet style. Drape your tables in luxurious heavy fabrics like velvet or satin, and utilize a black base with dark accent colors like maroon, wine, or eggplant. Accentuate the look with white and silver details, and embrace antique light sources like candelabras and candlesticks. Finish it off with a deep red flower – this is one instance where a classic red rose can add a final romantic touch without feeling overdone. 

Let Love Grow with a Garden Party

The gifting of flowers is a tried-and-true method of expressing one’s devotion. It is no wonder, then, that gardens have become the backdrop of many a love confession, stolen kiss, and elaborate proposal. Hosting a romantic garden themed banquet is a no-brainer. Bonus points if it’s in an actual garden! Play around with floral or French toile fabrics, and accent the bright or pastel colors with sages and olive greens. Embrace colorful china and crystal glasses, and add bright silver accents. Lastly, of course, utilize an abundance of natural florals and greenery, either in vases or draped across the length of the tables. The more flowers the better.

Keep It Simple with Natural Tones

Love is one of those emotions that is both incredibly complicated and amazingly simple, and to most people it is an emotion that comes naturally. Reflect love’s simplicity by using natural tones like woody neutrals and muted colors. Cover your tables with woven linens and use wood, wicker, and clay ceramics in your decor. Opt for warm tones in your dinnerware, like ivory dishes and gold flatware. Use greenery and monochromatic florals in your centerpieces to complete the look.

Honor them with a Royal Aesthetic

A couple should treat each other like royalty, honoring each other and conducting their relationship with mutual respect. You can honor these couples and help them celebrate their devotion to each other by giving them the royal treatment. Choose tablecloths with weight to them, and look for linens with opulent patterns or embroidery and plush or satin textures. Incorporate either rich colors or muted pastels. Set the tables with china featuring metallic trim and filigree, and accent it with gold flatware and elegant glasses. Add final details with gold candelabras, crystal candlesticks, and extravagant florals.

Create Harmony with an Art Deco Style

Relationships are about two very different people coming together and finding harmony with each other. What better style to exemplify this than art deco, which is hallmarked by ideas of eclecticism and balance. Art deco is also just a beautiful style that translates well to event design. Choose a bold colored, luxurious fabric for your tablecloths (velvet is a good choice), and accent it with geometric patterns in either a napkin or a runner. Consider using a square plate to compliment the clean lines of the style, and accessorize with gold flatware and etched glasses. Add final touches using geometric shapes, clean lines, and gold metallics to finish the look. 

Celebrate Old and New with Rustic Decor

In a healthy relationship, spending time together should feel like home. It’s the long walks and the late night talks – the little things – that keep a relationship strong. What better way to celebrate the little things than styling a romantic banquet after a good old country home. Lay the foundation for that rustic charm with a simple tablecloth. You can use a simple white linen, or you can choose something with a woven texture like faux burlap. Add some color with a patterned runner (gingham is always a safe choice) and matching napkins. Accent the look with simple white china and wicker chargers or placemats, and finish it off with mason jar vases full of wildflowers. 

Foster Familiarity with an Afternoon Tea

Being in love with your best friend feels like a cup of tea – warm, comforting, and familiar. Consider calling forth those familiar feelings by ditching the black tie banquet and instead inviting your sweethearts to an afternoon tea. Dress the tables in delicate fabrics with embroidery or lace, and accent it with pastel blushes and pinks. Use clean, classic china and dainty silverware. Don’t forget the tea cups! You can also take the theme beyond the table decor and serve tea and finger desserts from a tea cart.

Appreciate the Finer Things by Going Full Glam

It is natural for partners to want to give each other the best of the world. The most delicious food, the prettiest clothes, the nicest car . . . They want each other to experience the finer things in life. Help this dream along by going full glam in your banquet decor. Choose luxury tablecloths with texture, patterns, or raised motifs. Drape the center of the tables with a flowing chiffon runner, and create high with mirror tiles, chandeliers, and tall floral arrangements. Round everything out with elegant silver china and flatware, and serve drinks in slender, chic glasses.

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