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6 Tips for Summer Event Planning
Posted by: Sarah Lawen Smith Jun 08, 2024

The summer months are upon us, and they are ripe for the hosting. With the sun up and schools out, everyone is looking for ways to spend their summer afternoons with friends and family. Hosting a summer event is much like any other, but it does come with a few unique challenges and opportunities to plan for.  Here are 6 tips to keep in mind while planning your summer event.

1. Account for Longer Days

There is no getting around it. Summer days are long, with the sun rising in the wee hours of the morning and hanging around as late as 8pm. This can either help or hinder your summer event planning. If your event is best enjoyed in daylight, then you’re in luck. The 14 hours average of summer daylight gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to timing. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to catch the sunset or spend time partying after dark, you’re going to be waiting much later in the day than you would during other seasons. Either way, if light levels are important to your plans, make sure to check a sunrise and sunset calendar before putting together your day-of itinerary.

2. Prepare for Heat

It’s hot out there, and heat-related illnesses can get really bad really fast, so plan ahead to keep you and your guests safe. Make sure the air conditioning is working properly in indoor venues, and provide ample shade and cooling fans in outdoor venues. Whether you are serving food and drink or not, make sure there is easy access to drinking water so your guests can stay hydrated. If possible, avoid planning your event around the hottest times of the day, and opt instead for a start time earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. This is a great time to take advantage of the warm summer nights to have an outdoor evening event.

3. Keep Food Light and Fresh

Heavy, hearty meals are great for warming guests’ bellies in the frigid winter months, but they would certainly look a bit out of place in a summer buffet. There is an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables that ripen over the summer season, so take advantage of local farms to stock light, fresh, seasonal foods for your guests to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with sliced fruits, fresh salads, and lean proteins. Acidity is your friend in a summer menu, from bright citruses to juicy tomatoes to tart berries. 

4. Embrace a Bright Color Palette

Each season has its dominant colors. Autumn’s reds and burnt oranges give way to winter’s deep burgundies and forest greens. With the arrival of spring comes an array of gentle pastels. Out of all the seasons, summer is the season of the bright and the bold. Those warm, mid-year months are full of vibrant green grass and leaves, brilliant blue cloudless skies, and the most breathtaking fiery evening sunsets. Summer is the time to go all out and embrace vibrant, saturated hues in your event decor. Use royal blues, cherry reds, lime greens, hot pinks, and lemon yellows. With the world outside so bright and colorful, your decor will stand out while fitting right in.

5. Relax the Dress Code

If you have dreams of a luxurious, formal, black-tie event, then by all means, make it happen. But let’s be honest; tuxedos are hot. Southern summers are hot, humid, and just plain sticky, so the last thing you want to do is ask your guests to spend a day roasting and sweating in layers of fabric. For this reason, consider relaxing the dress code to allow for more flexibility so your guests can dress comfortably. This doesn’t mean you have to keep everything casual though. You can still ask for formal or cocktail attire, but perhaps encourage cooler alternatives to keep comfortability in mind. Encourage light, flowy outfits for the ladies, and for the men, suggest a vest instead of a suit coat or a polo instead of a button down. Lighter fabrics are also your friend, so encourage materials like linens or chiffons.

6. Use Seasonal Florals

Summer is a spectacular time for seasonal florals. Depending on where you are, you can find a wide array of stunning blooms from dahlias and peonies to lavender and sunflowers. Summer flowers are used to the heat, so by using fresh, seasonal florals in your decor, you are lessening the chances of your centerpieces and displays wilting and scorching under the sun. Alternatively, summer is also a great time to experiment with more exotic options, like humidity-loving tropical plants, drought-hardy succulents and cacti, and even colorful summer-ripe fruits like melons, cherries, peaches, and strawberries.


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