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5 Easy Date Night Ideas for When You Just Can't Leave the House
Posted by: Sarah Lawen Smith Feb 03, 2024

We often wish to spoil our partners and take them on a fun and meaningful date night, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life just gets in the way. Sometimes we’re too tired, our wallets are too thin, or the days are too short, and sometimes the thought of having to leave the house is just too much. On days like these, it’s easy to just call it quits and leave the date for another time. However, with a little bit of imagination and a little bit of planning, it is perfectly feasible to have a date night at home that’s worth remembering. Here are 5 easy ideas to get you started:

1. Get in the Kitchen

The kitchen is called the heart of the home for a reason. It is the launchpad for the everyday hustle and bustle, the center of conversation and connection, and the place where everything is made with love. Take advantage of this vibrant environment to deepen your love for each other by cooking together. Find a new recipe to try, or lean into your competitive spirit and have a cook-off. You can even plate your dishes under a cloche for a dramatic reveal, just like in cooking competition shows. The bonus to this date idea is you have a delicious meal (or two) to enjoy together afterward. 

2. Have a Wine Tasting

Wine is thought to symbolize love, friendship, and abundance. The consumption and tasting of wine is often a communal experience, and it is often associated with connection. You don’t have to visit a winery to have a luxury wine tasting experience. You can be your own sommelier at home! Break out the wine glasses (or rent some), pick out a few bottles of wine, and look up a wine and food pairing guide. You can stick to just chocolates and cheeses, or you can splurge for a multi-course meal. The night can be simply about trying new wine and food combinations, or you can take it a step further and make it a learning experience. The internet has a wide array of guides and videos on how wine is made and how to taste it like a professional. Don’t be afraid to be creative and make the experience your own.

3. Bring the Theater Home

Going to the movie theater has been one of the quintessential early date activities since the invention of the motion picture, and for many it is associated with the fluttery feelings of new love. However, with the ever-increasing busyness of everyday life, it can sometimes be hard to make it to the theater nowadays. Not to worry! You can bring up those same fluttery feelings by bringing the theater to your home. Break out the popcorn machine, grab your favorite drinks and snacks, and turn out the lights. You can pull up your favorite movie to watch together, or you can watch something completely new. As long as you’re spending quality time with each other, you can’t go wrong.

4. Learn to Dance

Dancing is a timeless expression of emotion through movement. Joy, anger, longing, passion – all of these can be expressed through dance. Not only that, but dancing is also a great form of exercise. Grab your partner, promenade onto your makeshift dance floor, and learn how to dance together. Step into the world of ballroom dancing by learning to waltz, swing, or tango, or have some fun learning popular dances through the decades. You can follow a tutorial video, or you can make it up as you go. The important thing is to have fun, let yourself laugh, and strengthen your emotional bond with your partner.

5. Have a Game Night

Whether playing Scrabble or tossing a ball, the ability to play together and laugh together is crucial for any healthy relationship. Having a game night is a great way to have fun with your partner and strengthen your friendship with each other. You can break out your favorite board games or crack open a fresh deck of cards, or you can power up your preferred video game console. If you are more of an athletic couple, you can head outside and compete in some yard games or your favorite sport. Focus on having fun together and building your bond as a couple.


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